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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for the university I want to go to?

Chaajao offers a comprehensive learning solution in the form of the following core products:

  • Live Classes: Interactive and engaging sessions conducted by our highly-qualified instructors with an average of 10+ years of teaching experience. Our experts make sure that you understand all the relevant concepts through real-time instruction and engaging discussions while instantly resolving all doubts.
  • Recorded Courses: A comprehensive library of self-paced and easy-to-understand lectures delivered in a concise and clear manner. By pausing, rewinding, and re-watching lectures to ensure a thorough and conceptual understanding of the material, you can prepare at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want!
  • Practice Zone: A multi-tiered testing system to ensure mastery of all concepts and clearing of all doubts and weaknesses. The dynamic combination of topical, chapter-wise, subject-mock, and full-length grand tests make sure that you are prepared from all angles while the video solutions for each question and instant test reports to evaluate your own performance!
What courses does Chaajao offer or help prepare?

Chaajao provides complete and comprehensive courses for entrance exams of Pakistan’s top-most Business, Engineering, and Medical universities, as well as standardised international tests such as, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. Chaajao also offers preparation courses for Intermediate (HSC) and Matric (SSC) for Sindh, Punjab, and Federal Boards of Pakistan.

What is so unique about the Live Classes?

Chaajao’s Live Classes provide a complete package of real-time guided instruction, engaging discussions, and instant doubt-solving. Learning is further complemented with free Practice Zone for thorough practising & mastery of all concepts and complementary study material to boost retention of concepts and topic revision. With our expert instructors making sure that you understand each and every concept and further clearing all doubts, your preparation for your desired university will be in safe hands!

What is so unique about the Recorded Course?

Chaajao’s Recorded Courses make understanding complex concepts easier by breaking them down into concise smaller lectures while retaining all of the important information. Learn on the go and at your own convenience and prepare for your dream university in style!

What is so unique about the Practice Zone?

The Practice Zone offers a multi-pronged approach by helping master concepts from all angles through topical, chapter-wise, subject-mock, and full-length grand tests. Learning is further enhanced through Video Solutions for each question to clear doubts and instant test reports to provide valuable insights to further improve.

Are there any added features for the Live Classes, Recorded Courses, and Practice Zone?

Following are the key features and unique aspects of each product:

Live Classes:

  1. Interactive Sessions: Engaging two-way sessions in a classroom-style experience that make understanding concepts easier and fun!
  2. Study Material: Free complimentary practice material and notes delivered at your doorstep to supplement your learning!
  3. Efficient and Convenient: Study from the comfort of your home without the hassle of travelling!
  4. Seasoned Instructors: Learn from the top instructors in every field with an average of more than 10 years of experience.
  5. Free Practice Zone: Get complimentary access to thousands of MCQs to strengthen your weaknesses and master your concepts.
  6. Doubt-solving: Instant resolving of all of your queries and confusions by our experts during classes.

Recorded Courses:

  1. Bite-Sized Explanations: Concise topic-wise elaborations with relevant examples and clear illustrations to make understanding concepts as easy as possible.
  2. Free Lecture Notes: Comprehensive chapter-wise study notes to enhance revision and help retain important information.
  3. Free Practice Zone: Get complimentary access to thousands of MCQs to strengthen your weaknesses and master your concepts.
  4. Personal Note-taking: Make your own notes for each lecture with our built-in feature, and view them separately later!
  5. Self-paced Learning: Learn independently at your own pace anytime and anywhere!
  6. Discussion Groups: Separate WhatsApp groups to engage with our subject experts to resolve your doubts and queries in one place!

Practice Zone:

  1. Live Analytics: Evaluate your performance through detailed test reports. Identify weaknesses and master concepts!
  2. Video Solutions: Concise solution videos for each question to fill knowledge gaps and resolve doubts.
  3. Bookmark Questions: Mark the question you’re struggling with and come back to practise it later whenever you want!
  4. Chapter Tests: Practise all the various chapters of each subject individually to strengthen concepts at the base level.
  5. Subject-Mock Tests: Test your overall mastery of all chapters with extensive subject-wise tests.
  6. Grand Tests: Exam-style full length timed tests with separate subject-wise sections for concrete preparation.
What does the Recorded Course contain?

Chaajao’s Recorded Course contains 22,600+ video lectures with the following breakdown:

  • ECAT: 15,900+
  • MDCAT: 3,500+
  • BCAT: 1,700+
  • Matric: 900+
  • Intermediate: 400+
  • SAT: 110+
What does the Practice Zone contain?

The Practice Zone consists of a total of 30,100+ tests and 314,500+ questions with the following breakdown:

  • BCAT: 3,500+ Tests | 40,400+ Questions
  • ECAT: 19,700+ Tests | 188,800+ Questions
  • MDCAT: 4,200+ Tests | 51,500+ Questions
  • Intermediate: 2,000+ Tests | 26,000+ Questions
  • Matric: 500+ Tests | 6,200+ Questions
  • SAT: 140+ Tests | 1,900+ Questions