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About Us

Why We Exist?

Technology has played an important role in today’s rapidly evolving world, with day-to-day experiences adapting to it and thereby changing and improving. However, unfortunately, learning experiences in Pakistan, as well as in several other parts of the world, have not kept pace and are gradually falling behind with each passing day.

Our purpose at Chaajao is to bridge the existing gap between the current learning landscape and that which is required to thrive in this fast-paced world.

With a high percentage of the population residing in remote urban and rural areas, coupled with an inequitable distribution of opportunities based on wealth, Chaajao aims to address these deficiencies by providing flexible, relevant, high-quality, and affordable education equally to all.

Who We Are?

Chaajao is a dynamic digital learning platform dedicated to empowering individuals towards excellence in their educational journeys. Through our thoroughly-researched and finely-crafted top-quality content, we offer a comprehensive array of resources to not only help you achieve your academic goals but also propel you towards success beyond the classroom.

With over 20 years of experience, Chaajao’s parent organization, IBAGRADS, stands as one of the foremost leaders in the test prep market, boasting across-the-board achievements and outstanding results over the years. By adopting a quality-focused approach, IBAGRADS has produced high achievers and top positions in nearly all Tier-1 universities in Pakistan.

By offering Live Classes, Recorded Courses, and a multi-tiered Practice Zone, complemented by Live Analytics, Video Solutions, and thoroughly researched materials, Chaajao is revolutionizing the learning experiences of millions of students out there!

Our Core Values

We prioritize excellence by offering flexible and effective solutions, ensuring the highest standards for our users’ experience.
We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all deserving individuals, ensuring accessibility to our services for everyone.
Every decision we make revolves around the needs of our users, ensuring that our approach remains entirely student-focused.
Upholding Moral & Ethical Standards
We”re dedicated to maintaining ethical integrity within our organization, adhering to all moral and ethical boundaries while preventing corruption & malpractice.
Our Core Values-01
Through thorough research and effective strategies, we consistently aim for optimal results in all that we do.
We address modern challenges with innovative solutions, ensuring the efficiency of our learning platforms and empowering users to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Our Mission

We aim to be the leading one-stop after-school learning solution in Pakistan, in addition to, being the first choice online learning platform for entry test preparation in the country.
By building constant engagement with every 1 out of 5 Pakistani students, Chaajao aims to promote ease of access all around the country among millions of students.

Our Vision

To deliver engaging and meaningful content through quality teachers while leveraging advanced technologies to create superior learning experiences for all students and helping them in their outcome improvement.

Meet Our Amazing Team!

Azfar Ul Haq

Founder & CEO

Zeeshan Usmani

Director Strategy & Planning

Tabish Hashmi

Brand Partner

Mohsin Qamar


Osama Ali

Head Of Marketing & Sales

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