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The National Medical and Dental College Admission Test (NMDCAT / National MDCAT) is a test conducted in Pakistan by the Pakistan…

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The National Medical and Dental College Admission Test (NMDCAT / National MDCAT) is a test conducted in Pakistan by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), as a prerequisite for admission to all medical and dental colleges in the country. The exam is definitely a significant milestone for all aspiring doctors and dentists in Pakistan, with hundreds of thousands attempting it each year to ace it and secure their future.

For Sindh, Dow University of Health Sciences will conduct the test.

We at Chaajao (powered by IBAGRADS) have made our mark in the MDCAT market with 1,000+ students clearing the exam in 2022 only! With extensively-researched material, a multi-tiered testing system, and a quality-focused approach, we make sure that our future doctors receive the best possible education out there!

Who will conduct MDCAT?

PMC conducts the NMDCAT approximately three to four months after the FSc is completed.

Is there any age limit for MDCAT?

Yes, candidates must be at least 16 years old.

How many times can we repeat MDCAT?

A candidate is permitted to take the MDCAT exam only once in each calendar year.

Is MDCAT Easy in Pakistan?

This test is made up of multiple-choice questions based on the MDCAT syllabus. Getting through the test is not easy. Nonetheless, passing the test can be achieved by thoroughly understanding the entire syllabus and by following certain tips and tricks.

For which fields MDCAT is necessary?

As per the regulations of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Medical/Dental colleges admission tests (MDCAT) are mandatory for students applying to MBBS and BDS programs in both public and private institutions.

How many seats in MDCAT each year?

There are 6000 Public sector MBBS/BDS seats in Pakistan. Approximately 200,000 students compete every year.

What is the MDCAT test based on?

MDCAT Test is based on 200 MCQs, to be done in 210 minutes, and it consists of five portions:
- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- English
- Logical Reasoning

Who is defined as a local applicant?

A local applicant is someone who has done either their A-Level, HSSC or FSc from Pakistan

Who is defined as a foreign applicant?

A foreign applicant is someone who has done either their A-Level, HSSC or Grade 12 from a foreign country.

What form of identification may I provide if I am a student from Pakistan?

You are required to provide either your CNIC, Form-B or NICOP card for identification purposes.

What form of identification may I provide if I am a foreign student?

You are required to provide your passport for identification purposes.

What are the educational requirements for this application?

The PMC eligibility criteria is as follows:
● 65% or above in HSSC or IBCC equivalent
● 60% or above in MDCAT or SAT II
● For applicants who are applying on the basis of SAT II scores. Scaled marks should be 60% or above. Scaled marks will be calculated based on Weightage of individual SAT II subject scores as follows:
● Biology: 40%
● Chemistry: 35%
● Physics/Maths: 25%

Where do I get my MDCAT results?

The system requires your CNIC/Passport number and roll number, and with this information system will automatically fetch your MDCAT test score.

What is the application fee?

What is the application fee? The application fee is Rs. 515, with the fee itself being Rs. 500 and bank charges amounting to Rs.15. The application fee is the same for both Local and Foreign applicants.

What happens if I miss the Application Fee deadline?

You must submit the application fee within the deadline, otherwise afterwards your application will not be considered for any further processing

How do I pay the application fee?

Follow the below steps:
● Download and Print Fee Bill
● Deposit Fee in any MCB Bank Branch.
● Upload application fee receipt

How can I check my Merit or Equivalency Scoring?

The Criteria Merit Generation is as under:
FSc/ IBCC Equivalence 30%


Merit has been generated out of 80% as prescribed above. The remaining 20% will be decided by the colleges as part of the interview.

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