Why We Exist

Technology has played an important part in today’s rapidly-evolving world, with day-to-day experiences adapting to it and, hence, changing and improving. However, unfortunately, learning experiences in Pakistan, and in several other parts of the world, have not kept pace and are slowly falling behind with each passing day.

Our purpose at Chaajao is to bridge the existing gap between the learning that’s being carried out currently and that which is required to survive in this fast-paced world.

With a high percentage of the population living in remote and urban areas, as well as an unequal distribution of opportunities based on wealth, Chaajao aims to address these deficiencies by providing flexible, relevant, high-quality, and affordable education equally to all.

Who We Are

Chaajao is an edtech organisation that enables anyone and everyone to learn at their own pace through quality-based, and highly-researched material and acquire all the relevant education and skills necessary in the 21st century.

With 20+ years of experience, Chaajao’s parent organisation, IBAGRADS, has become one of the leaders of the testprep market with across-the-board achievements and outstanding results over the years. By adopting a quality-focused approach, IBAGRADS has high achievers and top positions in nearly all Tier-1 universities in Pakistan.

By offering Recorded Courses, Live Classes, and a Multi-Tiered Practice Zone, topped of with Live-Analytics, Recorded Solutions, and thoroughly-researched Material, Chaajao is transforming the learning experiences of millions of students out there!

MCQs/Question Bank

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Video Solutions

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Core Values


By providing flexible and effective solutions, we aim to give the best possible experience to our users while maintaining our high standards.


Our entire approach is Student-Centric, meaning that every decision is made prioritizing the needs of our users.


We always strive to achieve the best-possible results by thorough research and effective strategies.


Being accessible to all the deserving and providing equal opportunities to everyone.

Observing Moral & Ethical Boundaries

We aim to always stay within all obligatory ethical and moral boundaries while preventing corruption and malpractice within our organisation.


We aim to address modern problems with an innovative approach. By ensuring the efficiency of our learning solutions, we will enable the user to stay ahead in this fast-paced world.

Our Mission

What We Do

We aim to be the leading one-stop after-school learning solution in Pakistan, in addition to, being the first choice online learning platform for entry test preparation in the country.

By building constant engagement with every 1 out of 5 Pakistani students, Chaajao aims to promote ease of access all around the country among millions of students.

Our Vission

What We Aspire To Be

To deliver engaging and meaningful content through quality teachers while leveraging advanced technologies to create superior learning experiences for all students and helping them in their outcome improvement.

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